We embrace change.

We have commercialized a proven coating that increases strength, lowers friction, increases lubricity, and extended life of material.  All of these benefits increase client profitability. Our coatings are applied through a proprietary process allowing for scalable drying times along with the ability to enhance parameters to meet even the most demanding requirements.  Our team has developed and proven a coating that increases strength and lowers friction and is also less abrasive; all while being a lubricant. All these benefits lead to less wear and tear on coated materials. Our coatings are applied through proprietary technology by way of electrostatic spray with scalable drying time as well as an ability for enhanced parameters through an advanced heating process.

We focus on reducing its carbon footprints, packaging waste, water usage and their overall effect on the environment. We have found that having a beneficial impact on the planet can also have a positive financial impact. Lessening the amount of material used in packaging usually reduces the overall spending on those materials, for example. Businesses that have an undeniable and obvious environmental impact, such as oil, gas and energy, need to approach the environmental pillar through benchmarking and reducing. The all-in costs of wastewater, carbon dioxide, land reclamation and waste in general are not easy to calculate because energy companies are not always the ones on the hook for the waste they produce. 

Nano Coatings

Better 3D Printing

“ Graphene has unique mechanical and electrical properties, which promise many applications. Inspired by graphene’s promise, people have figured out some considerably more efficient ways to make it! One optimistic, but maybe not crazy, study forecasts that a $100 billion market in graphene will develop over the next few years. ”
Frank Wilczek